Extinction Protocol "Aeonic Obliteration"

Extinction protocol "aeonic obliteration"


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Limited to 1000 and hand numbered.

Formed in 2010, EXTINCTION PROTOCOL merges classic death metal structures with breakdowns and grooves of modern, guttural slam while infusing the darkness of dissonant black metal into the proverbial cataclysmic blender. A nihilistic death metal vortex, EXTINCTION PROTOCOL’s debut album, Aeonic Obliteration lyrically scrutinizes the greed and corruption of mankind thus concluding mankind’s eventual downfall due to genetic testing and world altering events. With nine devastating songs packed into a nearly thirty-three minute event horizon, Aeonic Obliteration features stellar production values courtesy of Ivan at Anthropocide Studios

ATTN: Also available in JAPAN through AMPUTATED VEIN Records [ www.amputatedvein.com ]
and in RUSSIA through INHERITED SUFFERING Records [ www.inheritedsufferingrecords.com ]

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